Friday, October 28, 2011

Today's dose of crazy

A few things caught my eye today. First, the US Military has apparently been teaching some strange ideas about American religious beliefs to foreign students. Specifically, the US is a Christian country and freedom of religion is the freedom to interpret the Bible yourself. Anything else is part of an evil liberal plot to defeat Christianity.

Only slightly lower on the crazy scale are the young Earth creationists. Having studied geology in college, these guys drive me mad. They calculate the age of the Earth by adding the ages of the people in the Bible, rather than by using any sort of scientific method. Recently at the Geological Society of America's annual meeting, creationists presented their "research". In a prior year, they had led field trips. So to me, it seems like a bit of semantic dodging and half-truths are required in order to be accepted by both communities. Isn't it strange how people are willing to lie, contradicting one part of the book they live by, in order to prove another part of that same book to be literally true? How does one justify that?

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