Thursday, September 8, 2011

Communicate with your child's teacher

One thing that I have learned quickly in this first week of school is that a parent should be in contact with their child's teacher regularly. Young children often forget details or confuse things. Older children have their biology and life science lessons. Religion tries to sneak into the science classroom disguised as creationism or intelligent design.

That's why parents who value a good scientific education need to read this letter and consider drafting a similar letter to their child's science teacher.


  1. good atheist mommy stuffs buddy. i discovered you thru the atheist blogroll. Laughing in Purgatory is from Andy and he is a prolific atheist blogger and father, you should check him out. My atheist boss has let me babysit her three kids and the atheist dad is a biologist. fo sho they are getting some good science education-n-stuffs. I'd like to wish you luck, esp. w/the nu school year upon us. Awesomeness.


  2. Hi Kriss, thanks for reading and commenting! I'll check out that blog. It sounds like you have a good situation going with your boss. Thanks for the good wishes and the same right back atcha!