Saturday, August 27, 2011

Update--prayer at the game

Well, I can't say it surprises me. The high school game in De Soto County turned into a prayer group. I would not be thrilled with the situation were my son present, but I do not begrudge them their rights.

In the article, a Jewish student who had prayed commented, "I'm kind of disappointed.  It's not really ignorant, but they don't think of other people and how that affects others." I agree. Not having empathy for others is reprehensible.

Can you imagine how an atheist kid, or a kid who is just unsure about his religion, might have felt with everyone around him or her praying? Obviously, that kid will feel like no one cares about what s/he thinks and feels, and will feel alone. That could very well be my son at that game, feeling alone and disrespected for not believing in an unproven god. How can anyone claim to be moral while hurting others unnecessarily? Why couldn't they pray in their homes or at a church, and then traveled to the game?

Christian parent Leigh Harris was asked about respecting the rights of others. She dodged the question and wouldn't address the issue. Instead, she commented that the controversy gave Christians the chance to "make lemonade out of lemons." 

Empathy? More like narcissism.

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