Sunday, August 21, 2011

Oh, the irony!

I ran into this article this morning and was surprised to find it was from a Christian source. Keep that fact in mind as you read.

By now most people who would care to know have heard about the issue of the atheist ads on some Arkansas buses. Originally the atheist group was asked to pay $36,000 extra to insure the ads against defacement. The ads themselves were only $5000, and religious groups in the past have never been asked to pay the extra insurance. Yet the judge still ruled they would have to pay $15,000 insurance; no word on whether or not religious groups will also have to pay the insurance.

Yes, they were concerned about those good Christians defacing the buses. Because the ads dared assert that one could be "good without God". A spokesman for the atheist organization stated the purpose of the ads: "The world needs to know that people can be decent human beings without believing in a god or gods."

So, how did the leaders of the Christian community in Arkansas react? They refuse to admit that this is an issue of free speech, for one, showing a complete lack of knowledge about one of the most basic values of the country in which they reside. They also intend on picketing the buses, no doubt ensuring that traffic will slam to a standstill. They say the ads "promote chaos" and are "pure evil" and corrupt.

It all boils down to righteous indignation over a simple issue. How dare atheists let people know that they are not evil, lascivious, baby-eating monsters?!